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You, your clients and your community. That’s what matters to us. And we have the debit program that proves it. Discover® Debit is built around giving you the capabilities and service to create a successful debit program.

Save Time
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How we deliver on that promise


Your people

Your success is our success. That’s why we put a team in place to be with you every step of the way in creating, launching, marketing and growing a successful debit program.


Your cardholders

We keep your cardholders at the top of our mind so your card stays at the top of their wallet. Benefits like Lowest Purchase Price Guarantee and Identity Theft Defense mean cardholders can feel savvy and more secure with their new debit card.


Your time

Our simplified and transparent billing structure means that your employees spend less time on paperwork and more time on tasks that matter.


Your money

Our debit program can help you save money and keep it in your pocket. Discover Debit’s low program fee means you get to keep more of our highly competitive interchange.

Experts in your corner

When you win, we win. Our team will help you create, launch, market and grow a successful debit program.


Varapon Zielinski is a marketing consultant and your new brand champion who helps with marketing support and community outreach.


Darren Riffe is a dedicated account manager and your partner in creating a debit program that helps you reach your goals and fit your budget.


Courtney Hamilton is an implementation project manager and your go-to for all things launch related, including setting processes and training staff.

Less Fees More Revenue
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Less paperwork for you

We make bill reconciliation simple. While other networks may require as much as 8 hours of your month to decipher, our transparent billing and all-in fee structure can allow you to reconcile your bill in as little as 10 minutes.

Partner with the fastest growing global payments network1

Discover is accepted at 11.2 million U.S. merchant locations and more than 500,000 ATMs across the nation.


International acceptance is provided by the Discover® Global Network, which processes billions of transactions annually across 200 countries and territories. Cardholders can access approximately 2.2 million ATMs and cash access locations across the world.


1 Based on signed network alliance agreements over the past ten years with major payment networks within respective countries; Panoramic Research Study, conducted 2018.

Save Time
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Cardholders First

Partner support services

We offer a variety of additional products and features to help you get the most from your program on day one and beyond.

Leverage the Marketing Hub

Our program enables you to put your brand first. All Discover Debit issuers receive access to the Marketing Hub, an online resource where you can customize web banners, social media posts, email templates and other marketing collateral in as little as 15 minutes.

Discover Debit Hub
Discover Debit Hub


What’s in it for your cardholders

Discover Debit provides valuable benefits to your consumer and business cardholders, at no cost to you. Each benefit comes complete with marketing materials and support to help you drive awareness and engagement with your cardholders.

When it comes to fighting fraud, your cardholders won’t be alone.

Identity protection powered by Experian®


Dark Web Monitoring

  • Scans the dark web and notifies you if your personal information has been exposed
  • Includes review of websites and blogs, internet relay chat rooms (IRC), bulletin boards, peer-to-peer sharing networks

Credit Monitoring

  • Detects and alerts you of suspicious activity through daily monitoring of cardholder’s Experian credit report for new inquiries or accounts
  • Includes review of credit card accounts, car loans and mortgages

Zero liability

Protects cardholder against unauthorized use of their debit card provided that the card has been handled responsibly, more than two unauthorized events have not been reported in the last 12 months and the cardholder has not benefited from its unauthorized use.

Card and document registration services

Enables your cardholders to protect their debit cards in the event they are lost or stolen. There is no limit on the number of cards that can be registered to receive these benefits:

  • Travel assurance services
  • Lost/stolen reporting
  • Document registration
  • Personal property registration
  • Address change

Identity theft defense

Have access to specialists that can assist your customers should they be a victim of identity theft.

Lowest purchase price guarantee

Reimburses the cost difference between the original purchase price of a covered item purchased in full with an eligible debit card and any subsequent lower price when eligible purchases are found at a store for less. Coverage applies when the identical item is found at a lower price, at any store, within 60 days of the original purchase price.


Can your debit portfolio be doing more?

Regional banks and credit unions have the advantage of choice. Get a Debit Advantage Analysis to spot ways to save you time and money.

We’re here for you when you need us, however you need us.

Brian Harbin
Account Manager

Discover made sure that every need we and our clients had was taken care of. Discover is helping us reach out into the community, and that's what we're looking for, someone who can help us do what we do best.


—Betsy Flynn, President and Chief Executive Officer, CFSB

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Endorsed by the American Bankers Association.

The Discover Debit signature solution is endorsed by the American Bankers Association through its subsidiary, the corporation for American Banking. To learn more about the ABA's endorsement of Discover Debit, click here.