Processors can count on exceptional network performance and reliability.

PULSE provides cardholders with uninterrupted access to their money 24/7. Our dual switch solution leverages the most advanced software and communications technologies to deliver enhanced performance and operational efficiencies for processors.

PULSE participants can also expect switching and settlement services that are incredibly reliable, providing virtually 100 percent uptime with:

  • Identical platforms for switching and settlement in two separate cities to minimize the risk of any service suspension.
  • Uninterrupted routing of transactions in the event of a system outage with both "active-active" capability and "local node stand-in" technology options.
  • Better transaction routing efficiency with our innovative Transaction Distributor application.
  • Multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) telecommunications technology to speed card payment transactions and improve cardholder satisfaction.
  • Network-wide message encryption for increased security, designed to reduce ATM and POS fraud.

Single-point access to leading networks

PULSE Gateway Services provide streamlined access to regional and national ATM and POS networks for improved efficiency. More