Scott Heitkamp and PULSE DebitProtect See how PULSE DebitProtect® is good for ValueBank’s Bottom Line.

PULSE DebitProtect® Fraud Mitigation Services

DebitProtect Fraud Mitigation Services can help financial institutions lower fraud losses, reduce the inconvenience of fraud to cardholders and decrease loss of account holders due to fraud events.

PULSE fraud detection technology tracks fraud in real-time, enabling rapid response and minimal impact on cardholders.

Using a neural scoring model that detects suspicious activity and fraud detection rules comprising more than 20 parameters, the service monitors registered participant's transactions during the authorization process.

PULSE alerts uncover fraud that might otherwise go undetected by other fraud prevention. The system helps issuers respond to the greater sophistication and speed of fraud attacks.

Custom Fraud Alerts

The service monitors for fraudulent and suspicious activity in real time, and it notifies issuers of a breach instantly, before the cardholder has left the terminal.

Using issuer-specified criteria, the PULSE fraud tool tracks specific trends and events and notifies issuers of suspect activity within seconds of detection. The flagged transaction detail appears immediately in the DebitProtect interface.

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